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The End…

Readers, the end is near.

After two glorious months of work and fun school starts again…and they’re making me go.

Readers, I don’t have anything inherently against school. Sometimes I like it. Kind of. Maybe.

Really! I’m not just kidding myself!

And I don’t mind Olive leaving the house every single day to go hang out with strangers in a building where she’s not even allowed to wear pants.

One thing I’m certainly not is bitter against the stupid private school I picked and their super stupid, archaic laws about women’s dress.

Yes, school is on it’s way, and I am…completely…fine…with that…

Please don’t make me go.

I haven’t gone to a single farmers market this year! It’s not actually summer until you get to a farmers market. Naturally, I should be given an extra few weeks/months to solve this problem before being sent back to school, right?

My green beans and peas died in the heat wave this year. OSU gives time off for grieving, right?

I’ve only been on a handful of water slides! How can I possibly go back to school having only ridden a few water slides multiple times?

I don’t want to complain, but as far as summers go, this has been pretty special, even with the downs. I wish I could stay home, bake more, invent more recipes, and try other people’s recipes! I want to spend time with my family and enjoy the special things they bring to my life.

Of course, right now, Olive is stomping her foot into a kick drum as hard as she can while Mike plays what I can only describe as Satan’s chord progression.

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Actual face he makes during crap like this.

Yeah, no, I can go back to school, that’s fine.