Money Saving Monday–Oh God, What IS That??? or Why Yes, That’s How it’s Supposed to Smell.

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Now, I’m sure you’d all like to know what the hell it is I want you to make that involves coffee grounds, the leftover asparagus stumps from dinner, and one past it’s prim blackberry. You’re in luck readers! We’re going to make smoothies!!

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This is the proper reaction to someone telling you they’re going to make you drink a garbage smoothie.

Ok, that’s actually a bowl where we put stuff before we have a chance to take it outside to the compost bin. Do you feel better, now? Did you actually think I would put you through something so disgusting?

Anyway, for those that know me personally, it’s no secret that I’ve recently become obsessed with composting…and wedding planning, but that’s another post entirely. As an avid gardener (yes, you will be forced to see pictures of my seedlings before the month is over, and yes, I refer to them as “my babies” when I show those pictures to strangers on the bus, and yes, no one likes to sit next to me on the bus anymore) who started out with a yard full of horrible, horrible clay, I appreciate compost for everything it’s done to my garden. Last year it took every muscle in my body to dig up a vegetable plot and flower beds. It was like trying to dig through solid rock, our soil was so bad. A year, some compost, a little topsoil, and lots and lots of earthworms later and my flower and vegetable beds are soft and fluffy bits of heaven (dirt). This year, I have a feeling I will be able to pull my carrots out of the ground without breaking them in half. I might actually get to eat my carrots!

Compost makes everything possible.

While compost isn’t the absolute most expensive gardening supply in the world, if your soil is especially bad, or you’re just a very conscientious gardener, the price starts to add up. When you consider that it’s really just someones rotted plants, the fact that you have to pay them to take it off their hands is a little silly. So what is a crunchy, hip, gardener to do?

You could always start a compost pile, which is just a spot on your property designated for compost. You’ll have access to all the lovely compost you could ever want, and you and your neighbors have the added benefit of getting to smell your compost! If the smell doesn’t appeal to you, however, you could drop $80 on something like this Or, you could save yourself the cash, and make your own.

This helpful guide will show you everything you need to know about turning a simple plastic storage container, one you might even already have, into your very own composter. Yes, you will need to manually turn it every so often, but it’s really not bad. I use a shovel and just turn it whenever I add new materials, which is actually quite a few times a day. Apparently, we eat more plant matter than we had originally suspected, so it seems I’m constantly throwing in kale stems, apple cores, Olive’s leftovers, tea leaves, etc. I can already see some decomposition happening and I am so excited about it I could scream!

Composting also helps you take joy in the simple things, such as stuff actively rotting in your back yard.

Does it attract bugs? I see flies hanging out in there, but they really don’t bother me. Do they attract raccoons? Even our city raccoons, which are the savviest of raccoons, can’t figure out how to open the latch. (Ask me again in a month, though.) Do I feel a bit smug knowing I’ve decreased my waste and bettered my local environment in the process? I’m writing an entire blog post about how much I love composting.

Seriously guys, if you garden, give this a chance. Eight bucks and you’ve got your own compost container and after about a month you have your very own compost. You’ll feel good knowing the table scraps and yard wastes aren’t going into the garbage, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your soil. I can’t think of anything crunchier OR hipper than that, can you?

Happy Monday, readers!

**Helpful Tip: If you’re thinking of gardening this year, for most regions of the US right now is the perfect time to get some vegetable (or flower, but you can’t eat those) seeds in the ground. The danger of frost is over so all you’ll need to give your own batch of “babies” is plenty of water, good soil, love, and, of course, compost. 🙂 **


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