An Open Letter to the Only Pop Star I Follow (please don’t tell my indie friends)

Adele (who totally reads this guys, don’t judge me!), you’re beautiful. I’m serious, you’re gorgeous, and I’m not saying that because you’re the “curvy, real woman” the tabloids are talking about. You’re beautiful because you just ARE. It has nothing to do with your curves, your face, your anything, you’re just beautiful, and I wish everyone would be more ok with that, because you make music for my ears, and I’m so sick of everyone describing you for my eyes.

Adele, I heard you had started following a strict vegetarian diet recently, and I met this with cautious enthusiasm. Adele, I am a vegetarian, too, and whenever someone I respect so highly takes up my cause, I get very excited. Then I read that you were losing a lot of weight and my optimism dimmed a bit. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re trying to get healthy I’m proud of you, and I wish you the absolute best, I do, but I hope, really hope, you aren’t doing this for the wrong reasons.

Here are some wrong reasons for becoming a vegetarian:

1. To lose weight

2. To become the stereotypical twig vegan

3. To cave into the pressure that people in your life have put on you about your size.

If you’ll notice, those things have a theme. I actually considered putting in “4. to impress a guy” but I doubt that applies here.

Adele, you’re beautiful the way you are, and if you want to go vegetarian, please, please do! The more exposure we get the less like freaks we look, and I really appreciate that. If you want to get healthy you should do that as well, and not worry about all the other curvy women of the world complaining that you’ve sold out. Unfortunately, in you they found a way to feel beautiful about themselves, when in reality they should have been searching themselves for their own, particular beauty.

But Adele, I’m going to be honest here because I’m pretending we’re friends (don’t judge me!), you don’t NEED to do anything that doesn’t make you feel good. If you drop a few pounds, hey, that’s great, and if you don’t that’s fine, too! If you get down to a size ten, well that’s lovely, if you get to a six…well…I guess that’s ok so long as you’re still eating and feeling ok, but you have no pressure to do either of those things. The only thing I really want from you is for you to keep singing songs that make me feel good, and you can stop doing that if you want because I have the CD.

Here’s the filthy little secret no one tells future vegans when they get on board, we don’t all look like this: Image


Some do, but not all. Some vegans look like this:



Or this:


You know what though? Vegans aren’t all old men and models. Vegans look like this, too:


That was me on my 24th birthday. At the time, I was completely vegan. I had a vegan birthday cake, vegan food, vegan snacks, and vegan booze. This is a stark contrast from who I am now, because now, sometimes, you’ll catch me eating a cage free (local!) egg (rare, but delicious!), or *gasp!* ice cream (still, totally rare, but we have a place called Jeni’s that is magical and damn it I’m human)! But, that picture up there is what I looked like when I was completely, 100%, uncompromisingly vegan.

If you’re reading this, I’m going to wager a bet that you look more like that last picture than the first one. And you know what? Both are FINE. I’ve spent too long trying too hard to get as skinny as that first picture and the truth of the matter is that if I hope to have any kind of quality of life, I just can’t. Every single day I have to tell myself that that’s ok. Some people are naturally slimmer than others. Me? I’m a curvy lady and you just can’t vegan these hips out of me. That’s not what veganism is about anyway.

You know what it’s about? It varies from person to person. Some people can not exploit animals, be it for milk, eggs, honey, meat, wool, anything. Others won’t eat meat for moral reasons and try to avoid the dairy and eggs because of the increased risk of cancer (and milk’s direct link to the veal industry). Then there are some who follow a vegan diet because it makes them feel good (Bill Clinton). These are all great reasons to become a vegan, and I’m sure some of you can come up with more reasons. (And please feel free to share these with me! I love hearing them!) But to lose weight? To be thin? That’s just silly.

So Adele, I applaud you trying to get healthy, but because I adore you, I just want to ask you, as a vegan talking to a potential vegetarian, to ask yourself if you’re doing this for the right reasons. And for everyone reading this who isn’t Adele, I want you guys to ask yourself that question too.

That includes me.



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