Running is Better than Sex, and 92% Less Likely to Give You an STD

Here’s the deal readers, I have been a bad, bad healthy person lately. I’ve been skipping runs using, “I’m too stressed,” “I’m too busy,” “I have a headache,” and “I am currently asleep” as excuses. These are poor reasons to not get some exercise. No matter how busy my schedule is I should always have time to fit in just 30 minutes of exercise, whether that’s a run, Yoga, or just some jump roping (not that I can jump rope for 30 minutes straight, and if you can I don’t want to hear about it).

Today, I had a headache and pages upon pages of Ovid to go through. So I went for a run. A 30 minute, thoroughly painful run. I felt so amazing afterwards I thought I was going to die from concentrated joy rushing through my muscles. It was heaven. AFTER the run, that is. I can not stress enough that these were not the feelings I had DURING the run.

In the past couple of years a lot has changed. I started losing weight when I stopped eating meat and a good fifty pounds fell off just from better eating habits. Then a year and a half ago I started going on jogs and ever since I’ve gotten myself to a fairly healthy place. I am not a vegan marathoner, nor will I ever be, but I get a 30 minute run in about four days a week, sometimes three, and Yoga in between (I don’t like to brag, but I sure do have a ton of exercise DVDs). I am not perfect, and neither is my body, but I’m taking care of it and it’s rewarding me for it. Part of that reward involved not being horrified when I went swimsuit shopping last year. The other part got me absolutely stupid on endorphins.

If you’re just starting to get into exercising, like I was not long ago, be kind to yourself now and in the months to come. A lot of other people will be talking about their fitness levels but this is NOT a competition. You don’t have to fit into their mold of what healthy is anymore than they do yours. Don’t let being afraid of not being able to hit certain achievements hold you back. Seriously, just try it. It feels great.

Totally won’t knock you up either.


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