Early Valentines

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Valentines Day is next week and that means tomorrow I get treated to the best dinner ever, he gets treated to a movie, and we both get treated to a night out for no real reason at all. We also get chocolate. So much chocolate…

But because of this person: Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

we have to wait until it’s ACTUALLY Valentines day. Because apparently, we’re supposed to SHARE our chocolate. Thankfully, we have plenty of oranges while we wait.

At any rate, while I’m at a lovely local Italian Restaurant eating homemade spaghetti (for a reasonable price, actually, which is good because we’re poor) or at the movies failing to resist the urge to scarf down popcorn, I’m going to remember one thing: I love Mike. The reason I’m out eating something less than spectacular in terms of health food is because we love each other, and want to enjoy the experience of sitting at our favorite place with our favorite person. We want to share popcorn at the movies, maybe have a few drinks afterward, and hold hands when we walk back to the car together (though we probably won’t because it’s, you know, February, so it’ll be more like an every man for himself sprint to the car).

So while I’m usually self conscious about what I eat, and while I’m usually concerned as to what effect certain foods have on my body, I am going to just sit and enjoy myself. I owe it to Mike not to be preoccupied for our date. After all, we haven’t had one since September. You shouldn’t be preoccupied either. Go out, have a yummy meal, eat chocolate, and be happy.

And if you don’t have a valentine, you should still do those things, but do it under the guise of being really bitter about not having one. If you pretend convincingly enough, someone else might pay for your chocolate!


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