Crunchy, Hip, Broke, and Probably About to Die

Readers, I am sick. This comes as a real bummer, because yesterday I was really excited to post about a new black bean burger recipe I had just come up with (it tastes like happiness…and molasses) and had another post planned about my new recipe for “home fries”. Now, I suppose I have the benefit of officially having a great “get well soon soup” recipe, but I’m not posting that today. I have no idea where my camera is, my camera cord, or most of my family. I’m not even one hundred percent sure I’m at an actual computer right now.

So instead, I’m going to give you this long, boring post about how we stay thrifty in this house, to save money for things that are important (like actual food, and hair products). It includes some of my favorite resources and hobbies, and hopefully some of these can help you.

1. The Produce Geeks

I can’t even begin to tell you how many fruits and veggies we eat, and while we rely on frozen for some things, for the most part we buy fresh. If it weren’t for the Produce Geeks, I would have no idea what to buy, when to buy it, or even why. It gives me a heads up on what’s in season and what will be on sale and keeps me from buying an entire basket of absolutely disgusting peaches (ewwwwwwww). This site has saved us tons of money and made us more aware of what foods we’re eating and where they likely shipped from. It’s a massive help!

2. Snack Girl

Snack Girl is the only reason I have any idea what a kale chip is, let alone that they are so damn delicious. Not everything she makes is veggie friendly, but a lot of it is. Every post is a little nutrition lesson and she makes eating real food seem so easy and cost effective. She is a mother of two who understands the difficulty of trying to balance work, children, nutrition and a budget, so most of what she makes or suggests is for the time and cash strapped among us. It was her who first made me concerned about nutrition, and her who introduced me to the Produce Geeks. In fact, she’s probably the inspiration for the entire change in our family’s eating habits.

3. Craftster

I don’t know if you follow my other blog, Courtney Killed It, but I’m an avid crafter. I mostly crochet, but recently have started dabbling in sewing and a few other needle arts. Aside from the fact that the patterns I get from other Craftster members save me money on having to buy patterns, and that making all of our winter goodies keeps me from having to actually purchase them, Craftster has been a really useful source of inspiration. I can look at something else someone made and think about how to make it myself, and sometimes I do. The best part? Everyone is COMPLETELY ok with that, so long as you don’t take complete credit. Also, sometimes there are tutorials for decorating ideas, food ideas, and KID CRAFTS! Olive and I have a blast crafting, but I am in no way capable of coming up with an infinite amount of ideas to keep her busy. So I rely on the Craftster folks quite a bit for help. Because we’re a family who needs fun every now and then. But it’s gotta be cheap. We don’t need any of that fancy “rich people fun” (which I assume involves horses). Pfft, no, we need working class fun. And that involves glitter. So much glitter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to drown my various aches and pains in my latest feel better concoction, the super green smoothie.

Super Green Smoothie of Super Health
1 kale leaf
1 banana, sliced and frozen
1 cup green tea, brewed and allowed to reach at least room temperature
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
A Splash of Almond Milk (or other milk, it doesn’t matter too much)
1 tsp maple syrup
About 3 ice cubes

Throw that crap in a blender. Drink it. Pray for an early death.



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